Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Some New Pieces of Magic

Some new pieces....

Snowy Owl Sunrise
The magical Snowy Owl inspired the latest felting magic, specially made for a friend. 

And newest in the Stardust Series: Starfishing

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Ferox Feltings

Ferox: Latin for Wild. 
Feltings: The name my youngest son gave to my needle felted paintings and sculptures.  These are my way of expressing and sharing the exquisite beauty and wild magic of life as I see it.  They are each one of a kind, made to order, and/or custom designed and made with love from Canadian raised sheep's wool.  I hand dye the wool when I can and look forward to the adventure of learning more about natural dyes.  Here are some examples of what I've done.  

If you see something that inspires you, or if you have an idea you'd like me to try out for you,  for prices, or for more information, please be in touch at: pilustudies@gmail.com or call: 416-797-1224

Stay tuned for my etsy store and you can follow me on Instagram at feroxfeltings or on facebook at Tamara Gibson. 

Enjoy! And stay tuned for more....

The Process: 
Start with wet felting, move on to dyeing, collect the wool roving, onto the worktable, and end in the market! 

The Faces of Nature Series: these are life size nature-inspired sculptures made with a single needle and wool.  

The following average in size from 3" to 6", although sizes and colours will vary from piece to piece, or according to order specifications.    

Heartfelt Series: 

Stardust Series: 

Chickadee Magic Series: 

Random Acts of Magic: 

Nature Magic Series