About Me and My Art

Passionate about nature and art, beauty and peace, my art expresses the exquisite beauty and wild magic of life as I see it.  An ongoing dynamic unfolding of imagination and the senses, my inspiration comes from my adventures as a homeschooling mother, my personal healing journey, and the infinite wonders of the natural world around me. 

Ferox: Latin for Wild. 

Feltings: The name my youngest son gave to my needle felted paintings and sculptures. 

Ranging in size from 3" x 3" to the life size 'Faces of Nature', these one of a kind, needle felted 'paintings' (feltings) and sculptures explore the big themes in my life.  Each series, such as StardustHeartfelt, and Faces of Nature, reflects a theme.  Stardust reflects the ways in which we relate to our dreams and the magic in life.  Heartfelt, reflects and explores the ways in which we feel, express, experience, nurture, and share love.  The Faces of Nature Series is a lovingly laborious and detailed exploration of the living beings around us.  With each new season, experience and adventure, I dive more deeply into and explore these and new themes, arising from the vantage point of new perspectives, relationships, and landscapes.  

Each felting or sculpture is one of a kind, made to order, and/or custom designed and made with love from Canadian raised sheep's wool.  I hand dye the wool when I can and look forward to the adventure of learning more about natural dyes.  See the home page for examples of what I've done.  

If you see something that inspires you, or if you have an idea you'd like me to try out for you,  for prices, or for more information, please be in touch at: pilustudies@gmail.com or call: 416-797-1224

Follow me on Instagram at feroxfeltings or on facebook at Tamara Gibson. 

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